Sexual Health

Are you suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Peyronie's disease or other Sexual Health issues? We offer natural solutions to help improve your sexual performance!

Are you stressed about your sexual performance lately? Are you hoping to have stronger erections, stronger sensations, and more pleasure during sex with your partner?

PRP penis injections with or without Shockwave Therapy

PRP injections to the penis and/or shockwave therapy (using Z-wave) are non-surgical, drug-free procedures to help you achieve the sexual performance that you desire. With PRP penile injections we 1) apply numbing cream to your penis 2) draw your blood & concentrate the platelets 3) inject growth factors into the shaft and head of the penis 4) a penis pump is recommended post PRP penile injection to increase blood flow. A series of 2-3 PRP penile treatments are usually needed for optimal results to reverse erectile dysfunction. Shockwave treatments are also recommended to improve blood supply to the penis and also causes the release of extra growth hormones in your body.

Sexual Health: Erectile Dysfunction & Peyronie's Disease

During your 60 minute initial consultation Dr. Funk will assess and address the underlying causes of your ED or Peyronie’s symptoms. She will want to know your most recent labs including hormone levels i.e. testosterone, estradiol, thyroid, lipid panel, metabolic panel, urogenital health history, and diet/lifestyle behaviors. There will also be an assessment of your mental & emotional concerns regarding your sexual health, stress level, and any relationship issues that may be affecting your sex life. Finally, if there may be a functional cause of your ED then she will refer you to a trusted urologist for further imaging and testing. If you’ve already tried Cialis and/or Viagara and have had adverse reactions, give us a call to discuss other options to help you achieve peak sexual performance TODAY: 509.763.9716.