IV Nutrient Therapy

The Benefits of IV Therapy: Burn Fat, Boost Your Immune System & Reverse the Aging Process
  1. Increases energy levels.
  2. Helps alleviate body pain caused by autoimmune diseases such as Lyme, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease.
  3. Assists in managing side effects of aggressive cancer treatment.
  4. Aids in faster recovery from acute health issues, including:

Is IV Therapy for Me?

IV infusions allow vitamins and nutrients to go directly into your bloodstream so there is instant delivery. You are also absorbing close to 100% of the nutrients (versus much less if you were just taking oral supplements). IVs are extremely helpful for patients with distressed digestive tracts like in Crohn’s disease, IBD, or if you had gastric bypass surgery for that reason.

Here are some of the more common health conditions patients come to Funk Regenerative Med Clinic for IV infusions:

  1. High dose vitamin C
  2. Glutathione
  3. B complex
  4. B12
  5. NAD
  6. Magnesium
  7. Taurine
  8. Amino acids
  9. Minerals
  10. Zinc

IV Treatment Process:

  1. Patient consults with a doctor.

  2. Customized IV infusion treatment “recipe” is created for each patient.