About Us

Dr. Jum Funk

Hello Hello! I am a 2007 Bastyr University graduate & shortly after, completed a 13 month naturopathic internship in Ometepe, Nicaragua. I have treated hundreds of patients using the core foundations of regenerative therapies including: prolotherapy, perineural injections, ozone therapy, PRP, and stem cell therapy. I live and breathe for rock climbing, snowboarding, splitboarding, backpacking, & mountain biking (sometimes with my Ridgeback pups Teal’c and Woola). I am passionate about getting patients back to doing what they love because I can’t imagine my life without adventuring in the outdoors! I have experienced numerous sports & motor vehicle injuries myself so I understand how physical & emotional pain can affect many facets of your life. It will be such an honor to collaborate with you! Let’s get you back to feeling energetic, strong, and active again!

Mariz Bunyi

Hi there! I am a batch 2017 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship. I started my healthcare career shortly after I graduated. I’ve worked with large corporations and healthcare companies as a senior case manager for more than 5 years, and I’ve been a freelancer for more than a year now. As a freelancer, I’ve supported business owners such as doctors, lawyers, remote staffing agencies, and coaches across the United States of America. And now that I’m here at Funk Regenerative Med Clinic, I am so excited to provide an excellent patient care service for you! Don’t hesitate to call our clinic if you have questions or want to book an appointment with Dr. Funk. I would be more than happy to help you!

Morgan Cassidy

Hello there! I am a 2011 Humboldt State graduate with a BA in nursing and have worked as an acute care RN in progressive care units with a wide range of diagnoses and demographics. I became certified as a yoga instructor in 2013 and then became a certified professional life coach in 2019. I have been growing in my practice and developing my business and offerings ever since. I am obsessed with mindfulness, movement, functional medicine, evolutionary wellness and practical bio hacking methods to keep our whole person in optimal wellness. My passion and purpose stem from service. I love seeing clients develop greater self awareness in understanding what’s holding them back from achieving their wellness goals so they can take more meaningful steps toward thriving!! When I am not geeking out on the above topics you can find me near the water or in the mountains. I love cold water plunges, swimming, surfing, hiking and biking. I also spend too much time in the kitchen developing new recipes, fermenting and baking gluten free sourdough bread. I am beyond excited and inspired to be working at Funk Regenerative Medicine, drawing all my skills and knowledge together in a space that is focused on supporting the patient in harnessing their bodies’ innate healing potential through non-invasive means. Looking forward to connecting with and leaving more about YOU.