Virtual Practice Offerings (US & International)

A customized, unique coaching program just for YOU!

A unique fully customized health program designed
just for YOU!

Your unique physical body, biochemistry, and health beliefs puts you on a completely different healing journey than anyone else! 

Creating your personalized roadmap to healing so you can LIVE pain-free & FEEL strong and BE active includes these TREATMENT & ASSESSMENT OPTIONS:

>>> Regenerative medicine 

>>> Drainage & detoxification

>>> Functional medicine testing

>>> Bio-resonance testing 

>>> Mind-body-spirit medicine

>>> Hormone & nutritional optimization

When you’ve tried everything and nothing works, pivot and think outside-the-box! Invest in effective innovative therapies that gets at the root cause & fills the wide gap mainstream medicine is lacking in non-surgical pain medicine management. 

You have a gut feeling and hope that there’s therapies and diagnostic tools you’ve yet to try that can get you to achieve a quantum leap healing experience! Are you ready? I’ve got your back!

Health Coaching Program Offerings (6 & 12 Months ++)

Radical Pain Relief Program -
6 Month

The 6 month program is designed for clients experiencing musculoskeletal CHRONIC PAIN, injuries, or other physical limitations. Pain is more localized and some procedures can be purchased a la carte. Most of these therapies are provided in-office at Funk Regenerative Med Clinic. If you are a virtual client Dr. Funk will provide a referral for you.

CHRONIC PAIN disorders include:

  • Sports injuries & concussion
  • Joint pain
  • Ligament laxity
  • Disc degeneration
  • Mild to moderate tendon strain/sprain/micro-tears
  • Osteoarthritis & injury to the neck, shoulder, thoracic, wrist, low back, knee, ankle, foot, TMJ
  • Chronic headache and migraines
  • Pain after motor vehicle accidents
  • Recent diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy & nerve issues

Radical Reboot Program -
12 month

The 12 month program is designed for clients whose body requires more gentle but equally effective, long-term treatments. High levels of toxicity and inflammation in the body requires a less aggressive approach and a minimum of 12 month program is advised. Health coaching and consulting for this high ticket program is offered to clients in the US & Internationally! 

  • CHRONIC DISEASE reversal from mold, pathogens, heavy metal, & environmental toxicity
  • SYSTEMIC inflammation & pain post Covid and other viral infections, including cardiovascular events following Covid
  • Long-term cellular & mitochondrial dysfunction leading to CHRONIC COMPLEX DISORDERS
  • PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY occurring years ago
  • Chronic unresolved GUT ISSUES
  • A desire to optimize LIFESTYLE & WELLNESS for the long run!!! 

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