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We are here to serve YOU and we appreciate that you entrust us in your care! Our collective aim is to provide you with personable, top-notch customer service during your health care journey! We hope to provide a health care experience that is comprehensive, unique, memorable & impactful.

Dr. Jum Funk

Hello Hello! I am a 2007 Bastyr University graduate & shortly after, completed a 13 month naturopathic internship in Ometepe, Nicaragua. I have treated hundreds of patients using the core foundations of regenerative therapies including: prolotherapy, perineural injections, ozone therapy, PRP, and stem cell therapy. I live and breathe for rock climbing, snowboarding, splitboarding, backpacking, & mountain biking (sometimes with my Ridgeback pups Teal'c and Woola). I am passionate about getting patients back to doing what they love because I can't imagine my life without adventuring in the outdoors! I have experienced numerous sports & motor vehicle injuries myself so I understand how physical & emotional pain can affect many facets of your life. It will be such an honor to collaborate with you! Let's get you back to feeling energetic, strong, and active again!

Mariz Bunyi

I started my health care & medical career at United Healthcare and have been there for more than 5 years and now I am so happy to be sharing all my knowledge and experience as a Medical Virtual Assistant for Dr. Jum Funk! I am proudly a Filipina and a Bachelor's Degree graduate of Entrepreneurship. I love traveling all around the Philippines and hopefully around the world soon! I am so happy and hopeful to assist you on your health care journey to optimal wellness. See you!

Michelle Harvey

Hi! I am a Health Coach, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Health Food Chef and Product Developer. I've worked on a farm in Argentina, created a vegan protein bar in Dubai and collaborated with a keto meal company in Chicago - to name a few projects. This diversity of experience has enabled me to become adaptable and sensitive to the needs of each client. I'm passionate about making healthy food taste great and use my training as a nutritionist to compliment that with a deep understanding of the functionality of food. Now I have the opportunity to work with Dr. Funk in assessing your health & dietary needs from a functional medicine perspective!

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